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permissions on renewable energy developments.

Planning and politics are inextricably linked

After all politicians are there to represent the views of the people who elected them. So if it appears that a community totally opposes a planning development, local councillors may well see it as their job to represent that view and work to have the application turned down.

The problem is when a vocal minority creates the impression of mass objection when in reality most people are supportive. How can this happen? Well objectors object – they make themselves heard – loudly and constantly. Supporters on the other hand tend to be silent.

As a consequence vocal minority groups often have a disproportionate influence on planning decisions. And this can cause delay and be very costly not just for the developer but also the local planning authority.

Ironically the increased local authority costs are paid for by the people who elect the politicians – local community members.

For the democratic process to work well it is vitally important that politicians at all levels understand the views of the wider community and not just those of a vocal minority.

Express Consent is a package of online tools designed to support conventional consultation measures to ensure that the views of supporters are heard and given full weight when planning decisions are being made.

Benefits of Express Support

  • State of the art online consultation
  • Improved stakeholder understanding
  • Comprehensive stakeholder feedback
  • Quality Statements of Community support
  • Encourages community support
  • Rapid development of win-win solutions
  • Reduced planning costs


A website format specifically designed to communicate information about developments during the planning process.

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Specifically designed to encourage two-way consultations with community members and stakeholders.

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Encourages community members and other skateholders to generate individualised support letters with the minimum of effort.

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